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Your personal mailbox can be accessed globally from any location and computer. You may use all popular Internet email software - including Eudora, Netscape Messenger and Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. To set up your software, choose from the tabs across the top of this page.

You can log in with the form to the right to set up vacation messages, change your password - or check your email while traveling.

Web Messaging Signon

User Account:

 e.g., John_Doe%Webfolks.net

Mailbox Virus Protection

store_v_120x60.gifOur mail servers are utililizing McAfee VirusScan to check all incoming mail for any known viruses. The Anti-Virus database is kept up to date on a daily basis. At present our servers detect and eliminate a virus every few hours! Even though we attempt to block incoming viruses before they reach your mailbox, we cannot warrant that this will always be successful. Argos Networks does not accept any liability in case a virus passes through. You are solely responsible for taking your own protective measures to avoid any infections of your computers.

As an added safety measure you should never open any attachments with executable files (e.g., .EXE, .COM, .PIF, .VBS, .JS, .BAT, .CMD). Beware of attached documents which may include a macro virus (e.g., .DOC, .XLS). Regularly check your mail software vendor for any security fixes. 

SpamCop.net - Spam reporting for the massesAvoiding Unsolicited Email

Argos Networks employs latest technology to assist you in avoiding unwanted unsolicited email ("Spam"). Any incoming email is cross-checked for a valid domain, adherence to written SMTP standards and then verified against ten or more anti-spam databases. Suspect mail is tagged in one of two fashions:

  • The word "SPAM:" in the beginning of the subject line,

  • The string "X-RBL-Warning: Failed" in the mail header and, if possible, the string "X-RBL-Footer: Failed" in the body of the email.

Most email programs will allow you to filter messages based on subject and header and isolate the suspect mail into a special folder for later review.

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