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Virtually any name is still available in Argos Networks' attractive weblobby.com or webfolks.net domains, e.g., a law firm could name their web site www.lawyer.weblobby.com.

For almost twice the annual cost, you can also purchase the rights to a second-level domain name from an accredited domain name registrar. If available, the law firm in our example could name their web site www.lawyer.com.

In reality, most common words and names have long been taken. To see if a name is already registered, type the name (without the "www.") into the lookup form on the right.

Generic Top Level Domains

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Registering A Domain

Once you have found an available and suitable domain name, enter it into the "Domain Names" form on this page to register the name with Network Solutions.

If you prefer to use a different domain name registrar, please make certain that you specify our name server and contact information. 

In either case, you must advise our HostMaster of the incoming domain name.

Transferring An Existing Domain

To provide email, web site and other Internet services for your domain name, your domain name should be set up on our name servers.

If you already own an existing domain, you need to submit our name server and contact information to your registrar. You must also advise our HostMaster of the incoming domain name.

Name Server Information

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[Helpful Links]

  • InterNIC
    Shared registry of generic domain names
  • Network Solutions
    The original registrar for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU Domains
  • I.S.I.
    .US Third Level Domains
  • US Military
    .MIL Domains
  • US Government
    .GOV Domains, .FED.US Domains
  • R.I.P.E.
    Regional registry for Europe and Northern Africa
    Regional registry for Asia/Pacific realm
  • ARIN
    Regional registry for America and Southern Africa
    Technical coordination body for IP address space, protocols and the domain name system

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