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Your appearance on the Internet is equally essential to your corporate image as your choice of business location. Argos Networks will design a concise layout to let visitors find what they need and custom illustrations to hold their interest. We can work with your current graphics artist or employ our own creative talent.

Functional Content

The limitations of today's telephone network dictate that web sites be developed with speed in mind. Argos Networks developers optimize your web site so that the content loads quickly and is easy to comprehend. Your visitors will be happy to return as long as your site is fast and simple to navigate.

Some sites are best served with an "electronic brochure" using traditional text and images. Others may be able to open new doors in communicating with prospects and serving customers:

  • live demonstrations

  • fully functional quote forms

  • real-time inventory inquiries

  • online purchase and bill-payment

Maximum Exposure

Once your web site is operational, Argos Networks will register it with the major search engines, raising awareness for your products and services. Our marketing consultants can also recommend sensible advertising methods to attract first-time visitors which will fit your budget.


Programming Capabilities

Custom Design Option

If your corporate identity requires a very sophisticated or customized presentation, we can offer professional graphics design services:

  • 2 custom home page layouts to choose from

  • Incorporate client feedback into final home page design

  • 1 custom detail page layout which matches the home page look and feel

Sample Sites:

[order now]Fix Price: $1,350.00

Basic Design Package

For clients who initially just need a basic presence we will develop a start-up web site using Microsoft FrontPage:

  • 1 Home page

  • 1 Order or contact form

  • 3 additional pages

  • Insert text, company logo and 4 other images provided by client

Later changes or additions can easily be incorporated by the client.

Sample Sites:

[order now]Fix Price: $350.00
Additional Pages: $45.00 to $75.00

StudioLine® Design Package

For clients seeking a visually stunning presentation made possible exclusively by StudioLine, the latest web design technology.

  • 1 Home page

  • 1 Order or contact form

  • 5 Statics HTML pages

  • Insert text, company logo and 25 images, all provided electronically by client

Later changes or additions can easily be incorporated by the client after purchasing the StudioLine software.

Sample Sites:

[order now]Fix Price: $425.00
Additional Pages: $45.00 to $75.00

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